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The Adult Entertainment Ed. WebRing - This WebRing is dedicated to learning about the Adult Entertainment Industry and how it affects our culture and families

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The Adult Entertainment Ed. WebRing

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This Forum is open to parents or anyone to discuss issues we face when surfing the Internet like pornography or phising (false web pages). Let us learn together. At this time this forum is open to the public and no need to join WebRing to post.

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Offended by it. - 09/23/2009
I'm an addict, and as far as I'm concerned I'm now sick a tired of it. Every body born is practically indoctrinated into this from birth. There are two victims here. Firstly the woman and secondly the guys like me who view it. In between are the people who prey on both parties making millions. I want to form an antiporn group, comprised of anonymous members. Did you know the US bailed out the industry to the tune of $5 billion dollars? Are you in. Email:

Replied - 09/26/2011
I would love to be in a group like that. I have a lot of fears and a lot of reservations. I'll explain. I have been viewing porn very discretely for about a year now. I know it's bad and I know I should just stop but I'm sure you know it's not that easy. I've often looked for some sort of anonymous support chat where addicts could come together and discuss how to over come the addiction. I think it could help people like me who could stop before things got bad. I know it sound's bad maybe I should just come out and get support, but I'm scared. I'm almost certain my wife would leave me and everything I've built so far in my life would crumble. It's especially frustrating because I think if I just stopped nothing bad would have to happen.

So I do want to support an anonymous group that can help people stop their addictions before it's to late or even after. I just want to remain anonymous.

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