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The Adult Entertainment Ed. WebRing - This WebRing is dedicated to learning about the Adult Entertainment Industry and how it affects our culture and families

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The Adult Entertainment Ed. WebRing

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This Forum is open to parents or anyone to discuss issues we face when surfing the Internet like pornography or phising (false web pages). Let us learn together. At this time this forum is open to the public and no need to join WebRing to post.

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Is anyone else aggrevated by these emails? - 02/07/2008
I got an herbal penis enlargement advertisement this morning.
Complete with before and after pictures. I wrote this-

To herbal king representatives

It is socially irresponsible and inconsiderate to put
"before" and "after" actual pictures in your UNSOLICITED
email advertisements. Not only have you sent these to a household where there are NO ADULT MALES living, you are
sending these to households where MINOR CHILDREN are likely
to be reading or be exposed to your unsolicited explicit
advertising material.

You are being reported to each and every agency and
organization that I can find who has even the vaguest
interest in this sort of activity. I suggest you IMMEDIATELY cease and desist this repulsive advertising. If you want
to show these pictures to interested customers, then make
them available on your website. Anyone going to your
website should have an expectation of adult or explicit
material - that's their own choice. I should NOT have to
look at it upon reading my morning email - especially when
you are using PERSONALIZING SPAM TECHNIQUES to make each
of your emails look like they might have been a note sent
from a friend or acquaintance, therefore encouraging people
to open them.


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