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I work diligently to process applications within 1 week. Sometimes, however, because of an increased volume and my travel schedule, it can take as much as 3 weeks.

I need your help. If your application was made more than 2 weeks ago, please email me with details so I can immediately locate and expedite your approval.

If you have any questions or if your special circumstances somehow require special
handling, please click here to email me .


James S. Huggins' Refrigerator Door: Click here to go to my Home Page.



Howdy neighbor ---

I am James S. Huggins.

I have been active in the webring community for a number of years.

I hope to make your webring experience both easy and enjoyable.

The Webrings I Own

I own a variety of webrings in the WebRing.com system as well as webrings in other systems. Please check out my webrings and see if some would be appropriate for your site.

My Webring Help Pages

As I mentioned, I have several years of webring experience, going back to the original WebRing.org system, through the Yahoo! WebRing Assimilation and the creation of other competitive webring systems all the way through to the current WebRing.com system.

Drawing on this experience, I maintain extensive resources and help pages for webring users. These include:

Some of My Most Requested Articles

Some of my most commonly requested WebRing.com articles include:


I Am Here to Help

I work to make my webring information available to everyone. Whether you belong to one of the webrings I own, are the ringmaster of a webring to which I belong, or are just in need of information about webrings, it is on my web site and available to help you.

BUT, if you cannot find it, or if you have a follow-up question or suggestion, don't hesitate to write me. Whether you are an experienced webmaster or just starting out, I would be glad to help. Just click here to email me. I promise to be gentle

World of Webrings

One of the communities I strongly support and recommend is the World of Webrings. It features the World of Webrings discussion list. It offers a forum for both ringmasters and ring members to discuss the latest hot topics about all webrings, including webrings in all webring systems. If you belong to any webring in any webring service, you should join this list.

Webrings in the News

Here is a "bonus". Check out this excellent Salon.com article about the history of Yahoo! and Webring.com: The Strange Saga of Yahoo and Webring . For some, it will bring back memories. For others, it will explain the history.

James S. Huggins
Eclecticist, Author & Professional Speaker
Click here to email me

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