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Showdogs Breeder Owner Handled - This ring is for people who bred and show the dogs they own. Showcase what your dogs are doing in the ring. Let everyone

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Showdogs Breeder Owner Handled

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Manager: k9gold
This ring is for people who bred and show the dogs they own. Showcase what your dogs are doing in the ring. Let everyone know how important it is to be a Breeder, Owner Handler. *****However,if you have a dog site and the main purpose is to sell puppies you need not apply. No Puppy Mills, no sites where you can use Pay Pal or Credit Cards to buy puppies.


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Elite Guardian Presa
Elite Guardian Presa are small hobby breeders. Our mission is to promote and improve the Perro De Presa Canario. We believe the Presa should have the correct conformation, temperament, and working ability. They can excel in a variety of ring sports. The presa is an elite family companion and guardian.
Dondee's Long Coat Chihuahuas
Lots of pictures, Training Tips, Canadian Breeders List, Emergency First Aid for your dog, Upcoming Events, CKC/AKC Breed Standards, Photo Contest and Fun Stuff That we've found around the internet.
Bandor Collies
All of Bandor Collies have been owner handled thru the 25 plus years we have been active in showing dogs. Pedigrees, pictures and just random fun stuff aviliable for your view pleasure
Chardonnay Poodles
We at chardonnay poodles breed standard and miniature poodles in ice-white, silver, and blue. Our poodles are shown in conformation, agility, and obedience and all our poodles are owner/breeder handled.
Sugar Cub's kennel
Om våra Pyrenéerhundar, och våran kennel. Se bilder, läs om både rasen och om våra hundar, samt mycket annat skoj! About Great Pyrenees and our kennel. Look at pictures, read about the breed and about our dogs, and much more!

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Showdogs Breeder Owner Handled

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